Sleeping Tips for Roof Top Tent Campers

We all have days when our nine-to-five jobs, perhaps, and a couple of errands just stress us out. And being asked by our mates to go camping is surely just the miraculous call we need. Hearing the crickets and the natural sound from the forest at night can soothe our feeling from the accumulated stress. The sight of the clear skies filled with countless stars is a spectacle to behold. And warming our bodies by a bonfire over good talks is an experience that many would want to have. However, since it means that we are not to sleep in our comfortable bedrooms, sleeping is relatively a concern. Thus, we should know of a few sleeping tips for campers.

Sleeping Tips for Campers

Roof top tent camping is becoming a hit today, especially if we want to go in unlikely places. Since the tent is placed on top of a vehicle, it keeps us off the ground. Thus, we are away from the bugs and any discomfort from below. To add more details, it is also hassle-free to set up since we can already attach it ahead of our camping schedule. We can just readily open some knots if we already want to have our good night’s sleep. 

And speaking of sleep, the following covers a few sleeping tips for campers.

  • Utilize the Special Strapping of the Roof Top Tent
  • Achieve and maintain balance and steadiness
  • Light up the dark tent interior
  • Make use of sleeping accessories
  • Eliminate rainwater accumulation
  • Avoid the wind
  • Install supplementary storage
  • Lubricate the metal tent parts
  • Close the tent properly
  • Never close the tent when wet

These sleeping tips for campers are aimed to maximize our tranquil stay and stress debriefing time while on a trip. Setting up the tent alone would not do additional magic to make an ideal camping come true. But with careful considerations, we can surely personalize to make our camping tent stand out. That as we achieve a comfy place to relax and rest in.

Tips on How to Set up a Roof Top Tent for a Comfy Sleep

Utilize the Special Strapping of the Roof Top Tent

This tip should be among the setup as well as the sleeping tips for campers. In order to keep our roof top tent intact on top of our car, we have to strap it tightly. Of course, we would not allow unnecessary movements from the tent that can keep us from having a comfortable sleep. But with the tent firmly attached to the car, no single movement can irritate us. Aside from that, we can avoid getting anxious that we might fall off, keeping us awake the whole night. 

Achieve and maintain balance and steadiness

Like the previous one, this tip should be among the setup and sleeping tips for campers. Since our roof top tent is positioned at the top of the car, we have to park on plain ground. Always make sure that the car is on an even surface to prevent the tent from avoidable roll-out. Plus, sleeping on an uneven surface can only keep us awake at night. 

However, there are some instances that we may not be able to find an even surface. In that case, we can use a block or a piece of wood. We can put either under the wheels of the car until it turns outbalanced. With this, we can have a steady lie-down and a peaceful slumber.  

Light up the dark tent interior

Unlike the traditional tent, the roof top tent is specially designed to have thick covers. This feature makes the inside of the tent very dark. It may cause us quite a problem such that we may not be able to move accurately at night. However, we can install a LED light to illuminate the tent and get power from a camping generator, if any. It is recommended, though, to use a rechargeable soft-glow lamp. Not only will it make us function better at night, but it also helps eliminate fright.

Make use of sleeping accessories

By far, this is the most convenient of all the sleeping tips for campers, so take note of this. We no longer have to use sleeping bags and inflatable pillows while using a roof top tent. This time, we can use actual comforters and pillows since we are using a tent that needs no location adjustments. We can readily set it up inside the tent before using it over the usually built-in mattress. And we just have to use sleeping accessories that fit the size of the tent. This will prevent it from interfering with the tent poles when we close it.

Eliminate rainwater accumulation

One issue that may keep us from having a good night’s sleep is the weather condition. Aside from the rains ruining our bonfire, it is also a tent issue when we have to sleep. The collected water atop the tent may gradually drip on our face over time. Thus, it is important to strap the tent tightly and add poles to some loose parts. This way, no possible water basin may be formed that will store water from the rain. Also, we should maintain the waterproofing quality of the tent fabric to minimize drips.

Avoid the wind

When the weather is not really good, a strong wind is unbearable for the tent to hold. And we have no option but to relocate our tent. This is not so much of a problem, though. We can just park our car elsewhere, away from the raging winds.

Install supplementary storage

Our tent is attached at the top of the car may pose a new challenge like urination. However, this can be addressed if we bring portable urinals with our packed camping stuff. With one, the need to climb down the ladder from the car top will be eliminated. Other than that, we can also add plastics where we can store our dirty shoes and slippers

Having supplementary storage containers will help us safely keep our valuables, moreover. This while we are in a peaceful sleep on top of the car, off from the discomfort of the ground.

Lubricate the metal tent parts

Of course, it is also important for us to have a ladder to climb up to the car top. And in order to keep it easy to handle, it is recommended to lubricate it regularly. The metallic parts of the tent must also be lubricated to set it up easily. 

Tents are portable shelters that are exposed to weather conditions. As such, it is mostly subject to rusting. But with proper measures, it can be prevented and keep our equipment still functional.

Close the tent properly

We have to carefully tuck in the sleeping accessories that we add inside the tent. We have to make sure that it is not causing any interference when we close the tent. Also, we may need to make sure that we are doing this with a partner to prevent any damages. If not properly administered, the poles and some of its parts may break.

Never close the tent when wet

Tents have to be clean and dry before we close it. Thus, we have to dry it when it gets wet and tidy it all up. Closing the tent while still wet may cause some of the metallic parts to rust. This may, later on, break the tent, throwing off our thousand dollars investment. Roof top tents cost one a fortune compared to traditional tents. So, we have to be careful and handle the tent properly as recommended.

Related Questions

What are the other benefits of roof-top tents?

Sleeping tips are what we need to make the ideal camping adventure come to life. More than that, using roof top tents can make our trip even more comfortable and compelling. We are not just exploring the outdoor wonders and fun. But, at the same time, we are bringing with us the comforts needed for good night’s sleep. These are a few of the additional benefits of the roof top tents.


Placing the tent atop of the car gives us a secure night. We need not worry about wild animals on the ground anymore since we are sleeping at an elevation. Flood and water from the rain are also not a problem to solve. Moreover, we can skip the uncomfortable, uneven, and bumpy surface of the ground. In fact, in case our campground is this condition, we can always remedy it. We can just adjust by moving your car elsewhere or utilizing some leveling blocks or wood.

Campsite Selection

Using the roof top tent, the selection of campsites is no longer an issue. Whether the ground is bumpy, we can use blocks or pieces of wood to balance the car. Thus, with a roof top tent, we can visit any unlikely place to enjoy its view. This while not getting consumed by the dilemma of which area we should set our tents up.

Built-in mattresses

Unlike the traditional tents, roof-top tents already have built-in mattresses. Meaning, we do not need to carry an additional folded mattress with us anymore. Additional sleeping accessories are just a small load for us this time. Pillows and thick blankets or sleeping bags are the only remaining things that we need to look out for.

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