Roof Top Tent to Consider on a 4×4 Vehicle

As a whole new way of vehicle camping, it cannot be denied that a 4×4 camping roof top tent looks nuts at first sight. Folks can easily wonder how it doesn’t fall off a car. But, roof top campers do not really worry about such things so long as they have a good roof rack. These camping gears have generally changed the way they camp and open a great alternative to having a good night’s sleep in the outdoors. Furthermore, camping car roof top tents have been around for a while but have surged in popularity over the last five years. This is largely because the snapshot of a car mounted-home just seems so perfect for Internet platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Today, the market has responded to this popularity with various 4wd camping car roof top tent options.

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Going through the countless options, ranging from low-cost soft shells to weatherproof hard ones can be tedious, if not impossible. To simplify, this guide provides you the best of the best. These are:

  • ARB Brown Roof Top Tent Annex
  • TTMB Motorsports Green Pop-Up Roof Tent
  • Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent
  • Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent
  • Smittybilt Overlander Tent
  • Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent
  • Direct 4×4 King Size Expedition Roof Tent
  • Direct 4×4 Mag-Tower 3 Man Hard Shell Roof Tent
  • Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent
  • Front Runner Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent

Those who are on extended trips and largely on the move truly benefit from a 4wd camping car roof top tent. From the valleys to any other spot that their hearts crave, the tent makes them perfectly feel at home. Also, the sheer convenience of seamless set-up and breezy stay above the ground make it a lust-list item for any frequent camper. With a 4wd camping car roof top tent, the common scenario of struggling with a lumpy, uneven surface or getting soaked with water in the middle of the night no longer proves a challenge. 


This tent is explicitly designed with summer in mind. Under sticky conditions and humid weather, it keeps one comfortable with all its maximum ventilation. Campers who use this tent enjoy the inbuilt single layer foam mattress. There is also no need to worry about air and light flow because of its large-sized, sealable windows. In case of heavy rainfalls, the ARB Brown Roof Top Tent Annex features an extended flysheet. The flysheet is created to protect the interior of the tent from the water. 


One of the tents that you won’t hesitate to add to your camping gear collection is the TMB Motorsports Green Pop-Up Roof Tent. It is constructed from a sturdy and weatherproof material that keeps you comfortable and protected even on extended periods. This tent comes with inner and outer zippers, snap straps, and bungee net roof storage. Moreover, the main space features a pre-installed mattress that is made of memory foam and can suffice for two campers. TMB Motorsports Green Pop-Up Roof Tent is highly identified among many campers due to its ability to fold out from the rack, providing a superb sleeping space.


Spending time outdoors in both style and comfort can be achieved using the Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent. It features elements that result from the partnership of the brands Yakima and Poler. These signature elements include Yakima’s framing and structure and Poler’s branding and colors. Depending on your specific needs, personality, and style, this tent comes in various sizes and colors. With regard to the installation process, the Yakima Skyrise Roof Top Tent only takes fifteen minutes to install. This is because all of its materials are crafted from lightweight, solid aluminum. Pre-installed within this tent is a comfy mattress with removable cover for easy cleaning. The foam of the mattress is designed to specifically cradle your body in comfort all day and all night long. Concerning the ventilation of this unit, a mesh panel zip opens up and allows free flow of air. 


If you are the type of camper who loves to set on an adventure no matter the season, Tepui Kuikenam Sky Tent is the best tent for you. It is innovatively designed with a PU-coated canopy that makes it ideal for changing weather conditions. Added are frames made from heavy-duty polyester and cotton fabric. Thanks to its universal mounting brackets, installing this tent requires little to no effort. Simply attach the mountain brackets to your car’s roof rack. Then, use the included ladder to enter the tent with comfort.


One model preferred by most campers is the Smittybilt Overlander Tent. This tent is developed by a renowned company, Jeep Wrangler, which has been around for over fifty years. Smittybilt Overlander Tent is incredibly lightweight and can be mounted easily to a 4wd roof rack. This is the reason why this tent is most campers’ favorite. The ripstop polyester fabric and the rain fly make it easy for anyone to set-up this tent and dismantle as well. For those who are keen on the presence of bugs and insects, this tent includes netting and mosquito-proof mesh windows. Thus, you can enjoy your leisure moments without having to worry about these little creatures constantly. Other physical features of the Smittybilt Overlander Tent comprise a thick foam mattress and a LED light. The mattress can take two to three individuals comfortable in a queen-sized bed. As a bonus feature, the built-in LED light allows for visibility inside the tent.


The Ventura deluxe 1.4 roof top tent is widely preferred for its durability in the face of nature. Camper reviews claim that this roof top tent is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. It is made of 100% waterproof and UV-resistant oxford cloth canvas. The base of this tent is made of lightweight aluminum. On top of that, there is a two-inch high-density foam mattress that can accommodate a maximum of three sleepers. Its additional accessories are annexe and heavy-duty waterproof cover.


In terms of car roof ten standards, Direct 4×4 King Size Expedition Roof Tent is practically palatial. It is made of a double-stitched and openable durable fabric with heavy-duty zips. In the main compartment of this tent, there is a three-inch foam mattress with a cover. Additionally, all windows of this tent are lined with mosquito nets to keep you protected at all times. Extra accessories include an annexe that drops down to rest along the side of your 4wd.


Another roof top tent from Direct 4×4 is Mag-Tower 3 Man Hard Shell Roof Tent. Essentially, this tent is made of fiberglass and 600-denier polyester fabric. You can use this tent with a crank handle that should be turned at one corner of the base. Inside the tent are 7cm thick mattress and LED light. Campers express that the LED light is life-challenging as it allows them to read holiday books or change into their nightclothes without having to bump against the corners of the tent. Mainly, the capacity of two to three sleepers can make a bit of a squeeze inside this tent. 


Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent is exceptionally created from aluminum and ripstop cotton fabric. It features a foam mattress that is characterized by a waterproof guard, as well as screened windows and awnings. Included upon purchase is an annex room that is large enough to accommodate a queen-sized bed, a folding cot, a small dining table, a set of chairs, and a mat. The main sleeping area can be used by two-full sized adults. To make your way into the sleeping space with ease, the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent comes with a ladder. It is foldable so that you can keep it away when not needed. In this way, you can increase the total interior space inside the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent. The installation of this rooftop tent is not only time-saving but straightforward as well, provided that two campers are undertaking such exercise. All the hardware needed to install this tent fully is included in the kit. Campers are advised to fully install the main tent first before zipping on the annex room. As a whole, you can use the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent to your full advantage, even in secluded camping locations. You do not have to worry about early wear and tear because this tent is designed to last years of constant use. It is definitely a valuable investment for those seeking for increased levels of convenience, comfort, and ease. 


This three-season tent is manufactured by Front Runner Outfitters, a leading brand in South Africa. As one of the best camping gears to offer ultimate comfort, Front Runner Feather-Lite Rooftop Tent is sought after due to the sturdy and excellent quality. It is constructed from social tent fabric that is waterproofed, and heavy-duty, breathable, OPVC coated polycotton and mold-resistant. Such material is enough of an assurance that this roof top tent is highly functional. For easy entrance to the sleeping space, a sturdy, retractable ladder with foot-friendly treads is provided for you. You can further enjoy an all-night sleep without insects and mosquito bites. This is made possible through the tent’s window screenings. As the name of this tent suggests, it only weighs 93 pounds. The lightweight feature makes it handy during set-up and even during transport.

Finding the right 4wd camping car roof top tent isn’t as straightforward as you think it is. There are several factors that should be taken into account before making any purchase:

Roof Racks

Not all roof top tents available in the market are compatible with your 4wd factory roof rack. To ensure compatibility, contact your vehicle and rack manufacturer. This is one only way to find out the total weight of the roof top tent that you should purchase. Another is to purchase a custom roof rack that can support the car roof top tent that you are interested in.


This consideration includes the exterior, tent frame, ladder, and mattress. Before deciding to purchase a roof top tent, check first if all of the materials are durable and comfortable enough. When it comes to the exterior, the most recommended option is nylon. A roof top car tent with a nylon exterior is not only weatherproof but lightweight and breathable as well. Once you familiarize yourself with nylon material, you can find that there are two options: regular nylon and ripstop nylon.

Vehicle and Rack Dynamic Capacity

Vehicle and Rack Dynamic Capacity are both needed for assurance that your 4wd can support the weight of the roof top tent while you are driving. Remember that the greater the load capacity, the more weight your car supports during a drive. 

Static Weight Capacity

Due to the fact that you will be sleeping by the roof of your 4wd, there is a need to ensure that it can support the weight of the people inside the tent. It is generally a problem when you do not review the static weight capacity of your roof rack. To begin with, the weight of the car roof top tent must not exceed that of your 4wd. If it exceeds, serious problems for the car and for the campers may arise. 

Roof Top Tent Type

In general, car roof top tents are available in either soft shell or hard shell. Softshell car roof top tent typically allows more living space and can accommodate a family of four. This is because it can fold out from the footprint of the car roof and have more floor area when deployed. Hardshell car roof top tent, on the other hand, is more advanced than its soft shell counterpart. Unlike the soft shell model, it has an aerodynamic capability that allows one to drive long, hard speed road trips without losing the tent.

Ease of Installation

Setting up your car roof top tent should take only a few minutes; however, be careful not to purchase the products that have difficult instructions. The first thing you have to do is to understand the instructions and use the right hardware needed during the installation. In other words, the installation instructions of your car roof top tent for your 4wd should be both easy to understand and easy to undertake.


Alongside the car roof top tent, there are several items that help keep you comfortable and protected. Some of these extra accessories include a ladder, a canopy, and an annexe. A ladder is intended to help in swift movements in and out of the sleeping space. A canopy holds all the elements at bay and an annexe increases the capacity of the car roof top tent. Other accessories help make the car roof top tent ideal for an all year round adventure series.


Overall, a 4wd camping car roof top tent is a big purchase not just in actual size but also in actual price. What’s more, those cars with ill-set roof racks may not be able to handle the load. As a result, you may need a stronger, aftermarket roof rack, which calls for an additional cost. But then again, the average cost of the roof top tent outweighs all the money that you are supposed to be spending on hotel rooms or snake-bite kits.

Related Questions:

What are involved in the care and maintenance of a 4wd camping car roof top tent?

Regular maintenance can be done easily by brushing the tent’s exterior as well as vacuuming the dust accumulated from daily usage. For deeper cleaning, you can also wash the tent with a sponge and a mixture of soap and water. After this, leave it to dry completely under the heat of the sun. 

What kind of weather can a 4wd camping car roof top tent stand up to?

It depends on the brand of the 4wd camping car roof top tent. Some are specially designed for summer while others are for winter. But, experts advise that the best way to go is to pick the one that can withstand all weather elements.

How do I install a 4wd camping car roof top tent?

To install the 4wd camping car roof top tent, follow these four easy steps. First, loosen the cross straps just enough to remove the tent bag and not get it stuck on the board’s corners. Next, lock the ladder in place and raise the tent by pulling on the ladder. After that, check whether or not air can pass through the tent opening. Lastly, insert the steel rods located both in the center and board. To pack your tent, reverse these four set-up steps. 

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