Roof Top Tent Camping Tips

Camping can never be as fun as sleeping in a roof top tent. With a roof top tent, you can convert any vehicle to home. This tent is very durable and it is made in a way that it doesn’t hinder the off-road capability of your vehicle. A roof top tent makes camping an enjoyable experience for you and your family.

What are the tips for roof top tent for camping?

  • Be tall enough to install RTT
  • Have a trial run
  • Park your vehicle on an even surface
  • Have a travel companion
  • Install LED lights
  • Apply lubricant where necessary
  • Deal with damp
  • Keep windows open when it is hot
  • Use pillows and duvets
  • Get a plastic bag tied on your ladder’s end
  • Get a suitable roof top tent for your vehicle
  • Close the tent when it is dry

If you aren’t equipped with the right information on camping, you might find it difficult to get some things done.  Therefore, you need to learn some tips on roof top tent camping to make your experience a remarkable one. Roof top tent camping tips are very essential and can help you enjoy hassle-free camping.

12 Roof Top Tent Camping Tips

These roof top tent camping tips will guide you through the maintenance and operation of roof top tent.

Be tall enough to install RTT

Short people always have issues when it comes to installing a roof top tent. Their height makes it difficult for them to access the roof of the vehicle. Therefore, make sure you have someone tall enough to help you get the tent fixed.

Have a trial run

Before you go camping ensure you try setting up the tent on the floor to practice how to set it up. This will help you get used to the installation process when you are camping. Doing this will also help you break in the moving parts and the zippers so that they are flexible enough to get fixed.

Roof Top Tent Camping Tips
Camping in the wild

Park your vehicle on an even surface

This is very important when installing a RTT. A leveled ground makes work very easy for you. You can take some blocks of wood or plastic leveling blocks with you. They can also be of help to you during camping.

Have a travel companion

Roof top tents are not lightweight, their weight range from 100 and 175 pounds. Their weight can be a big problem when you are trying to lift them on top of your vehicle. Therefore, always have someone who can help you with the lifting. Although a very strong person can try to lift it, it is advisable you get extra hands to help you out.

Install LED lights

Lighting is very important in a tent especially when it is dark. All you need to do is to get a LED light or solar light installed in your tent. You will need to ease yourself in the middle of the night which means you will need light to get down. In order to avoid an accident, you will need to install a good source of lighting.

Apply lubricant where necessary

The tent zips and ladders need to be regularly lubricated in order to prevent friction. Ensure you take a lubricant with you anytime you go for camping.

Deal with damp

Some days are not too good, the weather might be bad. You will need to deal with this situation. If it is snowing or raining in all areas, you might need to wait for some days. But, if you are caught up in the rain while camping, you will need to wait for your tent to dry up.

Keep windows open when it is hot

Roof top tents are great for staying warm during cold days due to the type of materials it is made of. However, during hot weather, your tent can become very hot that you might not be able to sleep. During hot days, ensure you keep doors and windows open to allow ventilation so you can sleep in a comfortable tent.

Use pillows and duvets

You want your tent to be very comfortable, so, you will need pillows and duvets to make you feel at ease. With your duvets and pillows, you can sleep in comfort throughout the night.

Get a plastic bag tied on your ladder’s end

You don’t want your shoes to be left outside neither do you want to bring your wet muddy shoes in the tent. The best way to keep your shoes is to put a plastic bag at the ladder’s end and keep your shoes inside. With this, you can have access to your shoes easily and as well as protect your shoes from rain.

Get a suitable roof top tent for your vehicle

You need to get a roof top tent that is ideal for your car’s roof. If the roof of your car can’t hold the weight of your roof top tent, find a tent that is compatible with your car’s roof.

Close the tent when it is dry

If your tent is wet, you can open it to get it dry. Ensure that your tent is closed when it is dry. If you don’t dry off your wet tent, it can destroy your bedding.

Why do you Need a Roof Top Tent for Camping?

A roof top tent is the most essential tool for camping. Without a tent camping can’t be successful. If you are the adventurous type you will need a roof top tent. A roof top tent for camping is made of top quality material that makes it survive any kind of weather. Below are the reasons you need a roof top tent for camping.

It is comfortable

A roof top rent comes with beddings which makes it comfortable for you to stay all through the day. The high-density mattress in the tent makes you have a sound sleep and enjoy comfort. You don’t also need to carry mattresses and pillows with you since you can leave the bedding in the tent when not in use.

It is easy to set up

A roof top tent is very easy to set up. If you have a vehicle with a roof, you don’t need to worry about setting it up. Follow the instructions on how to set it up, and voila.

It is mobile

Yes, a roof top tent is easy to move around. It is very great for road trips and adventure since it can be carried anywhere. It can be set up anywhere as long as your vehicle is with you.

It is safe

A roof top tent is safe from animals and harmful things since it is off the ground. With a roof top tent, you can be assured of safety all the time.

It is weather-proof

Roof top tents are weather-proof. They keep you cold during hot nights and also keep you warm during cold days. It is the right tent you can rely on during any kind of weather.

It is made to last long

When it comes to durability, a roof top tent will never disappoint you. It is made of top-quality materials that can withstand any kind of weather. Even when it is raining, you don’t need to be bothered as your tent will keep you safe.

Related Questions

How much do roof top tents weigh? The weight of roof top tents varies. This depends on the type of roof top tent you purchased. Their weight ranges from 100 to 175 pounds. Whenever you are buying a roof top tent, ensure you check the exact measurement of the tent and that of your vehicle. You can do well to ask the manufacturer to be sure that you’re the roof top tent you are about to buy is ideal for your vehicle roof. Roof top tents that weigh a lot will have to be set up on a vehicle that is capable of holding their weight. However, there are different brands of roof top tents available in the market and each of these brands has different weights.

What are the types of roof top tents are available? There are two major types of roof top tents; they are soft-shell and hard-shell tents. One thing about hard shell roof top tent is that they can be used anywhere since you don’t have to depend on the ground. Soft shell roof top tents are lightweight and cheaper. They are also very easy to fold and set up due to their makeup. A hard shell roof top tent is heavyweight and costly but it is safer than a soft shell tent.


Roof top tents are ideal for adventure and road trips. These tents make camping fun and enjoyable for you and your family. They are very stable, easy to set up, and are made to withstand any type of weather. However, there are vital tips that will help you set up your tent and as well as maintain your tent.

For instance, it is advised that you have a trial run before you go camping. This will help you get used to the installation process. You should also install things that will make things easier for you, LED lights can provide enough illumination for your tent. We have done well to discuss roof top tent camping tips that can help you achieve a fun-filled adventure.

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