Roof Top Camping Kitchen Checklist

Camping kitchen checklist enables you to enjoy your camping and makes your camping experience a memorable one. Having a good camping kitchen checklist will entice more friends to go camping with you.

What are the camping kitchen checklist? When going camping, it is important to get the necessary things to ensure your feeding is well catered for. These include things like the stove, pan, coolers, water storage, gas, propane tank, trash bag, few utensils, etc. If you have limited space or you aren’t financially stable, you can just go for the basics.

With these basics, you and your family will have some pretty good time together. While on car camping, bulkiness and weight is a minor issue, so cut-down expensive.

Camping Kitchen Checklist

Camping Kitchen Checklist: Basic

Camp Stove

cooking stove

Ready to go for camping, a stove will be needed for food preparation. Car campers need a bigger stove like a 2 burner stove, unlike some backcountry campers that will need something smaller and portable. Check to ensure your stove is in good condition before leaving.

Camp Coolers

Things get easier having a cooler to go along with on camping though aren’t 100% essential. The quality and size vary greatly. For the storage of drinks and perishable foods, a bigger size cooler is needed, but if it’s drinking only, you can decide to go for a smaller cooler. The cooler must be well stocked to keep drinks and perishables cold and fresh.

Water Storage

A big water built container will be necessary to have while camping. A 10L bottle to store water can this purpose. If on the campsite, one is going to go because the tap will be somewhere around.


Without gas, a camp stove is useless. Gas is needed to fuel the camp stoves.


cookware - camping kitchen checklist

One frying pan and one saucepan are enough to go with on camping. If you have to do your cooking by making use of a campfire, more durable cookware will be needed which will cost you a bit more to get. Ensure that your camping stove and pots are compatible

Cooking Utensils & Tableware

Cooking utensils are very much affordable to get mostly when you need something simple to get the purpose achieved. Utensils and cutlery for camping can be stored in the storage bin. Utensils such as tongs, whisks, spatulas, can opener, water bottles, bowls, corkscrew and chopping board. Pack enough utensils for everyone in the group either metal flatware or plastic.

Sink & Cleanup

A big basin isn’t really needed to serve the washing purpose. On the campsite, a wash-up area is very much available. Dirt can be scrubbed away by a little slosh of water from a water bottle, and another slosh to wash it off. Little fuss and minimal usage of water.

Propane Tank

Since compatibility of stoves depends on the kind of tank in use, fuels also have to be compatible with stoves. So, the availability of a reserved tank is necessary.

Trash bags

trash bags

The presence of trash bags creates a campsite that is trash free. No one likes staying in a dirty environment.

Paper Towels

Paper towels work easier than kitchen towels. It is also part of cleaning materials in the kitchen.

Storage bin

The storage serves as a place to keep the camp kitchen equipment. Wooden crates can be used for this purpose. An added advantage of the storage bin is that it’s to carry out of the car after the trip, then wash and repack for future use.


A lighter is needed in case your stove doesn’t have an ignitor. In the presence of an ignitor, a backup is necessary.

Biodegradable Dish Soap

In keeping your dishes clean, a bar of biodegradable dish soap is needed. Dirty dishes attract critters to camp.

Hand Sanitizers

hand sanitizer - camping kitchen checklist

Cleaning hands with sanitizers is much easier than using water since the sink might be far away or unavailable.


Seasoning such as salt, pepper, garlic must not be left behind

Camping Kitchen Checklist: Luxuries

For more camping fun, kitchen luxury items will be of great help. Luxuries like; Ice cream ball, Dutch oven, camping table, and chairs, stick for smores, egg case, cheese grater, camp popcorn maker.

Egg holder: Eggs are stored in a box to give extra security. Cleaning up broken eggs can be difficult.

Water bottles: When going on an outdoor adventure, a water bottle is useful to carry along.

Cheese grater: For cheese lovers that can’t withstand the stress of pre-grated cheese, you will have to go with a portable cheese grater.

Camp popcorn maker: The taste of a freshly made popcorn can’t be resisted.

Sticks for smores: For toasting marshmallows, sticks have to be used. This is not really considered a kitchen luxury.

Camp table & chairs: Chairs are more comfortable than sitting on the floor and also easy to eat.

Risk and Safety Precautions while Camping

Measures to ensure to stay safe while camping include:

Accidents such as slips and drowning can occur while camping as a result of inadequate equipment or lack of experience level. If you are going on hiking, proper equipment such as shoes and hiking poles reduces slipping.

Having proper knowledge about the environment prevents one from getting stranded which can really be panicking and can make things worse. Getting lost can be avoided by having a cached map phone with GPS, compass, physical map and giving proper information about your movement. One important thing to note also is that don’t make a trip late at night.

Protect oneself from wildlife such as Bears, Critters and Mountain Lions. When camping in an unfamiliar area, animals are the most common fear one needs to take note of. Incidents like this are easily avoidable and extremely rare. Black big bear makes much noise by trying to maintain space, hitting pots together can make them run for dear life, but for a mountain lion vacate the area but do not run. One has to be cautious and avoid the risk of an incident with animals.

Snake bites occur when one accidentally steps on it because the snake will move away from you by all means. Putting on long pants can serve as protection and also be cautious of where you gather wood for a fire. In the case of snakebite, wash and cover the wound, then seek for medical attention.

Protective elements such as long sleeves and pants one from sunburn, proper covering also protects one from the poison from oak, ivy, and insects. If you do come in contact with a poison, wash it off with soap and water immediately seek for medical attention. Treatment usually includes the use of Calamine lotion.

Related Questions

How do you keep your eggs fresh when camping? Raw eggs and half-cooked eggs should be packed alongside with cold dishes in insulated coolers or bags with enough ice or freezer packs. The freezer should be placed in the shade and not opened frequently to help keep the eggs fresh at 40 degrees F or lower. Freezing temperature can make egg water content expand thereby giving room for bacteria penetration. Eggs can last 3-5 weeks in the fridge and up to a year in the freezer.

What kind of food can one carry along for camping purposes? Foods such as dehydrated foods, cup noodles, nuts, instant mac, beef jerky, dried fruits nut, instant coffee packets, and tea bags, precut frozen fruit, sandwich-making materials, chili, and bagels. There you have the list of food items you can bring along when camping. These foods can easily be prepared without stress at all.


When planning on going on camping and one will love to cook, then you will have to get this camp kitchen checklist. In order for one to have an easy and delicious camp meal, the above camp kitchen checklist is recommended for a fire and some ingredients are what is needed to make a meal.

When going on camping, the number of each depends on the number of people that will be going with you on the trip. There isn’t much room for an extensive kitchen, so, you don’t need it all. Also, it’s very important for one to stay safe on camp and this involves easy tactics to avoid any accident.

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