Mistakes People Make While Camping on Roof Top

Camping is fun when it is well prepared for and certain mistakes are avoided. Campers often make some mistakes that ruin their camping experience, especially novice campers who are new to the system. There are certain ways you can avoid making these mistakes if you can heed some instructions about camping.

What are the most common mistakes people make while camping?  The most common mistakes people make while camping include:

  • Choosing the wrong campsite
  • Not having a trial run
  • Not testing all your equipment
  • Pitching your tent in the dark
  • Cooking in the tent
  • Going with the wrong bedding
  • Going with insufficient light
  • Leaving your cam
camping advise

Camping is the right time to create a good bond between friends and families, spend time with nature, and have a nice retreat. Most camping mistakes can be avoided with good prior planning and taking to camping advise. Below are some camping mistakes people make while camping.

Camping Advise: What you need to avoid when Camping

Choosing the wrong campsite

Camping is meant to be done in a cool and relaxed area. Some areas aren’t just meant for camping because of some hazards. When going camping, it is nice that you lookout for a good area where you can pitch your tent. It is very important that you camp on a flat and even surface that will make your tent stable and firm.

You need to get prepared for where you would be camping. It is good to make a research about where you will be camping, good research is an important part of your camping.

Not having a trial run

If you are camping on a roof top tent, it is very important that you install your tent on the ground to practice how to set up the tent. A trial run will help you get familiar with your tent and as such, make installation very easy to do. When going camping on roof top tent, it is advisable you set up your tent to learn more.

Not testing all your equipment

This is one of the most common mistakes people make while camping. It is very important to test all your navigation tools before going camping. Doing this will ensure that all your tools are in good condition. If you have a bad mattress, a broken sleeping bag, missing tent pegs, etc. you get to discover all of these beforehand. Discovering it on time helps you fix any damage and replace any equipment.

Try your LED light, check how the stove works, check your sleeping bags, and inspect your mattress. Testing your camping equipment in advance is very helpful when going camping. In this camping advise, we recommend that you check all the equipment you are taking with you.

Pitching your tent in the dark

Pitching your tent in the dark can be a very stressful thing. When going camping, ensure you arrive early at the campground so that you can pitch your tent when the day is still bright enough. Arrive early so you can spend the rest of the time to pitch your tent. It is better you get familiar with the campsite, a major reason you need to get there early.

Cooking in your tent

This is one common mistake people make while camping. Cooking in your tent is not ideal because there could be a high risk of fire outbreak. Carbon monoxide poisoning can kill people in unventilated spaces. It is advisable to never cook in your tent. Although some tents feature a vented vestibule that is meant for stove use, it is wise to cook outside your tent.

Depending on a campfire

One of the wonderful aspects of camping is a campfire. People make mistake by depending on a campfire for cooking your meals. Campfire takes some time to build up for cooking. Waiting for a campfire to buildup will waste your time and frustrate you especially if you are very hungry. The best thing to do is to get a gas cooking stove and matches rather than waiting for a campfire.

Going with the wrong bedding

When camping, it is important that you go with the right bedding. Wrong bedding can turn your camping experience into a nightmare. Going with the right bedding prevents you from shivering during cold nights. Ensure you think about the weather conditions of your campsite before deciding the type of bedding you are going with.


Going with insufficient lighting

When going camping, you should go with handheld torches and headlamps. Although you don’t need the headlamps or flashlight during the day, you will need them at night especially when there is no moonlight. A headlamp is very flexible as it makes your hands free to do other things. Check if your lighting is in good condition before going camping.

Failing to plan for your meals

One of the mistakes campers make is the failure to plan for their daily meals.  You don’t need to set a complicated meal time table. You can stick to “one pan” dishes to reduce sink time. Plan your time table around non-perishables and do your shopping wisely. You can take the bread and peanut butter for breakfast; this is an easy meal that gets you filled.

Not keeping your food and garbage properly

In a quiet campsite, it is possible to have nocturnal visitors that will mess up your garbage. Some campers have experienced possums, kangaroos, and possums attacking garbage. Waking up to see your garbage littering across your campsite is what you won’t like to experience. You need to package your food and garbage properly to avoid unnecessary mess. If you fail to keep your food in a safe place, you might be attracting bears to your food.

Leaving your campsite dirty

It is very wrong to leave your campsite messy. A campsite should be kept clean and left the way you initially met it. The rule here is that you should leave no trace. When leaving your campsite, don’t forget to take your garbage with you. Leaving your campsite clean makes it easier for other people to camp.

Forgetting books and games

Whenever you go camping with your family and friends, you shouldn’t forget to take books, cards, toys, and games with you. All these will make camping interesting for you. Our camping advise is going with a lot of things that will keep everything lively for you.

Forgetting cooking essentials

It is very important that you take the necessary cooking essentials when going camping. Cooking essentials like stoves, pans, pots, towels, spatulas, foil, etc. will help you prepare your meals without stress. If you are going with a sticky pan, ensure you go with butter. If you try making pancakes with a sticky pan, it would end up in a mess.

Leaving your rain fly behind

What a great mistake! Ensure you go with your rain fly when going camping. If you don’t go with your rain fly, you might end up sleeping in your car. Going with your rain fly makes you prepared for rainy days.

Why you should avoid some Camping Mistakes

Camping in the right way makes you enjoy your camping experience. There are lots of benefits you enjoy from camping.

It helps you sleep well


Camping properly entails going with the essentials. If you go with good bedding, you can sleep well. One of the ways you can have a nice camping experience is by avoiding some mistakes. You need to take enough camping essentials when going camping.

Creates more fun

Whether it is a ground tent or a roof top tent, campers feel the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Avoiding some camping mistakes allows you to have more fun with family and friends. When you forget to prepare well for your camping, it reduces the level of fun you have with friends and family.

Keeps you safe

Your safety is very important when camping. Avoiding some camping mistakes like failing to have a trial run, choosing the wrong campsite, and not protecting your food can jeopardize your safety.

Makes you happier

Camping improves our mood and makes us livelier. A good camp spot gives you a refreshing feeling and makes your camping experience remarkable and worthwhile.

Related Questions

What should I not take camping? When going camping, there are certain things you should take with you. You don’t need to take everything with you, just select the needful. There are some things you shouldn’t take with you. They include perfumes and deodorants, ceramic or glass items, electronics, a lot of toys, and a mirror.

How do I make my tent camp easier? Camping can be made easier if you take the necessary things with you. Warm up your sleeping bag, pack your sleeping bag’s bottom with dry clothes and pack a trailhead snack.


Camping is fun when you take the necessary items with you. It is very important you avoid some camping mistakes to have a remarkable and nice camping experience. The camping advise for campers is that they should take the essentials with them.

When going camping, it is important that you think about your comfort and safety. We know camping can be frustrating if you don’t do the right thing. With this camping advise, we believe that you would be able to enjoy your camping.

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