How to Keep Your Roof Top Tent Warm

Outdoor camping, especially in a new location, calls for adequate planning. If you already have a suitable Roof Top Tent, there are key concerns which you ought to address before you set off for a date with nature in the wild! For instance, how can you keep your roof Top Tent warm when camping in cold environments? We provide you with Roof Tent camping guidelines to help you get all the comfort and warmth you deserve at your selected camping site. Read on…

keepin warm inside a tent | roof top tent camping guidelines

Cold night conditions can scuttle your good-time moments up your rooftop nest. You should have knowledge of Roof tent camping guidelines for maximum comfort. To keep your Roof Top Tent warm, you’ll need to consider the following options:

  1. Using heat packs
  2. Through the use of tent heaters
  3. Candle heaters
  4. Generators

We have now seen the two basic ways that you can keep your rooftop tent warm. We are going to delve even deeper including heating the tent area closest to your sleeping space.

Roof Top Tent Camping Guidelines-How to Keep Your Tent Warm

roof tent camping guidelines

# 1. Using Heating Packs

Ask yourself the question how do you keep warm in bed? And the answer to this question is not the hanky panky but investing in high-quality heat packs.

You can put some heat packs inside your sleeping bag. This is a temporary solution because the heat will keep on decrease during the night.

Go for heat packs that can go up to 140 degrees. These are safe temperatures but just ensure that you will not be placing these packs next to your skin.

 The next best thing after heat packs is a warm pair of socks, long camping pants and a hot cup of cocoa.

# 2 The use of Roof Tent Heaters

When it comes to tent heaters, there are very many options but let us start with electric tent heaters. Electric tent heaters are great for cold nights where the temperatures above freezing point.

There are camping sites that have electricity and they offer hookups. These sites also only have standard electrical outlets but a heavy gauge extension will get you going.

Another option is to consider having your own generator. However, it’s important to note that every camping ground has rules. There may be restrictions on when to switch off your generator. Where there are no restrictions, you might get rid of the cold but you will be kept awake by the noise.

You can also make use of propane tent heaters. These come in handy especially during really cold winter nights.

You might ask if propane tent catalytic heaters are safe and the answer is yes. A catalytic heater has no flames and it also has no carbon monoxide. This makes catalytic tent heaters the safest bet. You will be able to go about your business without any worry.

You will, however, need to check the features to enhance safety and effectiveness. The features to be checked are:

  • Size and weight
  • Noise levels
  • Safety features
  • Type of heater

# 3 Portable generators For Roof Tent Heating-Camping Guidelines

We already mentioned generators and their noise-making abilities but there are campers who still prefer to use them. A portable generator ensures that you have a consistent and adequate power supply throughout your camping trip.

Depending on your budget or preference, you can decide on a suitable portable camping generator that is portable

# 4 Candle heaters/Lantern for Your Roof Top Camping

Candle heaters such as UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern is the best and safest ways to keep warm inside your tent.

There is no flame and therefore you can rest assured that your tent won’t go up in flames. The smoke emitted from typical candles is normally harmful.

A candle burner ensures that the chances of causing are fire is minimized.

The lantern provides warmth and is efficient. You can opt for scented candle heaters if you need to add aroma inside your tent.

Guidelines If You Do Not Want Gas Emissions in Your Roof Top Tent

You can still safely warm your tent even without the use of tent heaters for instance, you can use an insulated tent. Insulated tents ensure that heat does not escape and this is very effective in combating low temperatures.  Here are some roof tent camping guidelines for staying warm inside your tent:

  • If the weather is really nasty cold, you should ensure that the items you use for sleeping are up to the challenge. Use a heated blanket, wear warm clothes, always have socks on and use body heat where possible.
  • If you are using sleeping bags then ensure you have warm blankets. Having water bottles with hot water inside should also come in handy.
  • If your insulated tent is spacious enough then you can bring along a zero degrees sleeping bag plus an additional liner just to heat up things.
  • Thermal blankets are a must. These are not only meant for emergency situations. You can actually tape it to the tent’s ceiling so that the heat will be bouncing back on you instead.
  • Put on layering clothes but don’t sweat it.
  • Hot coals can also heat your tent. All you need to do is remove some rocks from the flame, let them cool before wrapping them in a towel and place them in your tent. Just ensure that your tent has proper ventilation.

How Do You Choose A Heater For Your Roof Top Tent Camping?

Just because it is cold does not mean you should call off your plans. Well, unless the local authorities ban traveling then you are good to go. You should not go by brands and instead equip yourself with the essential knowledge when it comes to keeping warm during camping and doing so safely.

The first thing when it comes to roof tent camping guidelines in regards to keeping warm is checking the tent;’s floor dimension. The size determines if you need a larger or smaller heater.

The next thing is to determine the space of the thermal unit will require. Thermal units are measured in BTU.

Get online and get busy reading reviews about tent heaters. Read the pros and cons so that you make an informed decision.

Read the manufacturer’s safety concerns especially when opting for electric heaters.

Now you need to know that there are more than four ways to keep warm when camping. Let’s get started because just like a cat, heating has more than nine lives or should we say that heating up takes several forms?

Roof Tent Camping Guidelines -How Can You Keep Warm as a Family?

1. Don’t wait until it is cold

When you notice a change in the temperaty\ures, that is a clear indication that you should start layering up. Prevention is better than cure.

2. Make use of thermals

 Thermals are not just for old people if its cold put them on

3. Always have with you a hot water bottle

Take something warm before going to bed

4. You should get some down insulation

Down insulation ensures that everyone is toasty warm. Just do your research first.

5. Insulate your rooftop tent with a tent rug or carpet

A fitted rug is an insulating layer. Nothing fancy even a picnic rug will do.

6. Make use of disposable heat packs

Always pack some extra blankets. Fleecy thermal blankets are the best.

How You Can Manage Cold Nights – Roof Tent Camping Guidelines

This is another rooftop camping guideline focusing on what to do on a cold night. First and foremost, do your due diligence.

Always check the weather conditions before heading out to the great outdoors. If there is a warning from the weather channel then kindly adhere to it.

If the weather turns out to be in your favor, do not leave things to should always secure your tent. Thank goodness yours is on top of your car and fixed firmly on a rack.

If you are all alone, a closed-cell sleeping pad will ensure no heat escapes you.

1. Reduce the ambient space

This is a form of insulation. You can buddy up. Body to body warming does work. It is all in the thermodynamics.

2. Do not hold your pee at night.

Holding your pee makes you sensitive to everything including cold.

3. Eat a midnight snack

Food is fuel for the body. Eat some nuts or an energy bar.

4. Be careful and avoid spilling fluids.

This is obvious when you spill stuff, you get wet and cold weather takes over.

5. Remove frost from your tent every morning

Water vapor will condense on the inner wall and when the ice melts, the tent does the absorption.

Keep everything inside the tent-covered as you remove the frost.

6. Insulate your water bottles

If you are camping at high altitudes, you should stay hydrated always. Unfortunately, frozen water does not only lower your temperature, but it also makes rehydration difficult.

To keep your body temperature up, insulate your bottles and sip something warm often.

Roof tent guidelines-Are Cotton Clothing Suitable When Camping in Cold Regions?

Experts are of the opinion that cotton clothes are dangerous in cold weather. Why do they say so?

Cotton material doesn’t wick moisture and can also serve as a conducive environment for breeding bacteria.

This means that cotton gets easily saturated so if you want to stay warm, avoid silk and cotton. You should wear clothes made of synthetic fiber. Such materials redistribute moisture.

There are several roof tent camping guidelines that will no doubt keep you or your family warm, and make your camping experience memorable. All you need is choose the right tools and you can enjoy your camping experience.

Roof tent camping guidelines

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