How To Choose A Camp Chair

Camping outside isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world. Though it is one of the most exciting and fulfilling activity, it is never done for the sake of easiness. However, time spent outdoors has taught one never to sacrifice comfort when spending safe and comfortable camping. And one of the factors that add up to this equation are camping chairs. Despite being overlooked, sitting on a comfortable chair as one feeds on the sight of nature after a long day outside maximizes the camping experience in the best way possible.

With hundreds of options from the market, it is not easy to find the right camping chairs that fit perfectly to one’s liking. It is not enough that it easily fits inside the car along with other camping accessories. The material types, portability, price, weight, and many other specificities, are the other elements important to know to choose what type of chair works best for a person.

Generally, without focus on the purpose and location of the camp, below are the general considerations that a camper, looking forward to a cozy and enjoyable time outdoors, needs to decide on when shopping for a camping chair:

  • Sturdy and Strong
  • Materials 
  • Price
  • Portability
  • Weight
  • Extra Features
  • Camping Location
  • Type of Camping Chair Needed

Sturdy and Strong

The best camping chairs must be strong and sturdy enough to withstand any weight. Its frame and fabric, which a person sits on, must withstand the weight it carries without showing any signs of strain. Reality check, not all products offered in the market hold the same amount of weight. For an adult size chair, it is made to hold between 225 pounds to 500 pounds. Extra-large camping chairs are also available for consumers looking for something to accommodate more weight.


After ensuring the durability of the chair, materials used in making it must be assessed. There is a wide array of materials offered when shopping for one. The current models have aluminum legs and body frame since it has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and resistance to corrosion, thus preventing rust.

Good quality fabric used also ensures the camping chair to last for a long time. Plus, it makes cleaning an easy job. A coated ripstop nylon fabric is used for the seats and armrests since it is sturdy and water-resistant at the same time. Meanwhile, other brands prioritize extra support and cushioning, leading them to use closed-cell foam padding, which offers more comfort than the nylon. Still, both of them are durable and promises long years of usage.

Materials used in the construction should also be considered according to the setting of the camping—whether it is near the beach, during a hot season, or involving water activities.


Consumers need not buy the most expensive camping chairs available out there just to get something that meets their expectations. A camping chair priced at $100 does not guarantee high quality. Thus, finding the right chair that fits the budget and unique preferences must be prioritized. It could mean choosing a product with a lower price, possessing no big brand names, which is never a big deal.

Doing research is needed to make sure the price paid for the chair is worth it. 


Camping chairs that are too large take up huge amounts of space in the car or at home. Thus, one needs to consider which is easy to store, may it be at home or on the road. This pays a huge role in the camping adventure.

Camping chair

Convenient chairs that are light and easy for travel or transport should come first. Though it needs to be well padded and ruggedly built, it should also be compact for carrying and storage. The best ones come with carrying cases, which includes handles and straps. When it is packed, it should also be as small as possible. For travelers who prioritize convenience over comfort, the best choice is portable folding camping chairs—easy to store inside backpacks or secure outside after a trek.


Another thing that ideal camping chairs possess is its weight. Since heavy gears and equipment might lead to physical strain, such as lower back pain, after long distances of carrying it, its weight needs to be considered. The perfect camping chair usually weighs less than 2 pounds—effortless to carry around without any physical stress but holds no extra features.

For travelers who prefer luxurious camping chairs, they generally weigh more than 5 pounds. These are perfect for car camping trips, or campsites that are within short walking distance.

Extra Features

The above keys to finding a camping chair that meets anyone’s standards are perfect for minimalist camping. But, for others who want to amp up there camping chairs for added relaxation, the following features need to be considered before purchasing one:

Detachable footrests

These provide the comfort of an easy chair given any setting. With a detachable footrest, it offers versatility, and a standard camp chair to pull up when gathering around campfires.

Canopies or Umbrellas

Products available in the market mostly provide an adjustable canopy or umbrella which can be adjusted at different angles, increasing the fun while staying out of the sun.

Extended pads or Head pads

They increase cushioning for added comfort, all the while insulating the legs. 


With a built-in cooler, unwinding with a cold beverage around the fire or BBQ is made easier. Most camping chairs that come with a cooler usually have built-in bottler opener and storage pockets, expanding comfort whenever camping outside.

It is important to note that these added features increase the weight of the chair, which is not essential when it comes to light camping.

Camping Location

Not one camping chair exists to suit all camping locations. For one, at the beach, a camping chair with a low height that enables one to soak their feet in the water is ideal for lounging and sunbathing while splashing on the cold water. Aluminum frames are also suited, for it is lightweight. A canopy also needs to be attached to it for protection under the sun. Ultimately, each camping location requires different qualities for it to be labeled “perfect.”

Type of Camping Chair Needed

Aside from the checklist mentioned above, envisioning the type of camping chair needed should be added on the list too. Without including the flamboyant features, three basic categories of camping chairs exist in the market today:

Normal Camping Chairs

These come with regular parts: armrest, seatback, and legs. Most of these have a foldable design, which makes carrying it around easier. The best thing about these chairs is that they are lightweight but strong. It provides a basic level of support and comfort and is ideal for normal camping trips that involve less hopping around.

The Vango Kensington Tall chair is a type of normal camping chair, and is also the best for multiple seating options, thanks to its seven unique seating options, padded seat, and backrest. It has a maximum loading weight of up to 120kg, and a DuoWeave fabric, with an aluminum frame, which both promise durability.

Minimal Camping Chairs

The foremost purpose of this chair is to provide a comfortable place to sit and relax. Folding chairs and folding stools are examples of these. They are lightweight, thus offers lesser premium features. Ideal for taking to the park or beach without any fuss, they are mostly designed with a strap to the chair for easier carrying. There don’t have armrests and requires no assembly. They might be a deal-breaker for others, but they come at a low price.

The Easy Camp Baia is a budget minimal camping chair that only weight 1.8kg with a maximum loading weight of 110kg. It includes polyester with PVC coating as its fabric and steel as its frame. It is good for budget camping in the park or at the beach. Light to carry around, closing, and unfolding it is a piece of cake.

Elaborate Camping Chairs

From its name, they come with many elaborate features like recliner function, leg rest, built-in cooler, etc. They can be considered high-end regular camp chairs, with their offered stability and coziness. Unfortunately, they are also costly. They are ideal for regular camping trips, making outside activities feel like home.

Despite its name, the AmazonBasics Camping Chair falls into this category. Weighing 6.35 pounds, it is not ideal for carrying on long hikes. Despite its added weight comes a heavy-duty frame that maximizes relaxation and comfort. It also supplies full-length ventilation for breathable and sweat-less sitting on its nylon mesh fabric. What’s cooler is its incorporated beverage cooler pouch, which holds refreshing drinks and allows the hands to rest.

Final Thoughts

The thing is, everyone holds different preferences, and there is no single camping chair that fits for all. Camping chairs come with lots of options, shapes, sizes, and of course, multiple functions. Time is needed before finding the best one that suits a person’s needs and requirements in order to maximize their entertainment and comfort the next time they go outdoors.

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