How to Camp on a Roof Top Tent with a Dog

Roof top tent camping with dog is a great adventure, as many people love to seek peace and have a nice time all alone out there. Getting on a roof top tent is one thing but what if you have a dog?

How can you do roof top tent camping with dog? roof top tent camping with dog is very possible, but first, there are things to put in place. Your dog may be too big to climb up, but for smaller dogs, things could get easier. However, by using a dog ramp that meets specific criteria, you are surely covered.

roof top tent camping with dog

Dogs are lovely pets and they really love to go with us anywhere we go. You can’t deprive them of that; at least the same way you want to have this special time, they also want to have a feel of this special outing and as a lovely pet parent, you shouldn’t deny them that.

Now before going for your camping, there are so many things to put in place, and when you decide to go on roof top tent camping with dog, there are even more things to have or to consider to make the trip a lovely one for you and him. In this guide. Join me as we go through the ride

Camping with your Dog

In most households, dogs are seen as a member of the family; so, we can understand why they always want to take them along while camping. If you as a pet owner spend much time camping with your pet dog, then it will be very pleasurable for him to go along with you on a camping trip. Before considering it at all, ensure that they are current on all the shots.

Pay much attention to all the rules before you go on a camping trip with your dog. This is because not all the facilities will allow your dog on the premises. Coming with your dog may end up ruining the trip for everyone. Also, there could be limits concerning the size of your dog as well as the number of dogs.

Camping in some areas requires that you pay a deposit when you come with your dog. This could lead to an increase in your expenses. When paying for this camping event, be sure to ask if bringing in dogs is included in the setup. Bring a lot of food and water for your dog. A dish you would take with you on your trip means your dog will have access to drinking water anytime he or she needs it.

Also, you need to know where your dog is prohibited from going and where he can go. For instance, it may be okay to keep your dog outdoors in your caravan or at a campsite. Yet they are not allowed indoors in situations where it is a cabin rental.

How to Camp on a Roof Top Tent with a Dog

They may allow your dog to go with you on hiking trails; however, this shouldn’t be done in the swimming area or in water. There are other rules at campgrounds, that dogs must be on a least all the time. Also, you have to consider your dog’s interaction level with others. If he notices other dogs, will he be fine having them around or will become very aggressive?

Your family could have a remarkable camping trip, even when you bring your dog along with you. However, be sure to have the full details of the requirements. Never assume the set up will be a great one to bring your dog along with you.

If this is not the case and you just must bring your dog along, then it is advisable that you choose another location for your trip, Or you can just hire the services of a professional to take care of your dog while you go for your camping.

How to camp on a roof top tent with a big dog

Take for instance you have a large dog breed – let’s say he’s about seven years old. How will you successfully lift up this large dog breed up to your roof top tent?

Now there are ways to go around this. First of all, if it is a roof top tent that cannot accommodate many people, then it’s advisable you make your dog sleep downstairs in your truck. This is probably the best possible solution. Because even with a dog of 40 lbs, lifting him up the ladder will be a bit difficult due to the fact that the roof top tent is high on the roof. If it’s trailer-mounted, your dog can be placed inside the tent without needing any assistance.

However, for a large dog breed of over seven years old, just let him sleep in your vehicle. This will be the easiest and less stressful solution. As they grow older, they could find it difficult to jump. This could work well if they are younger, but climbing and jumping in that manner in old age will be difficult

Even bringing up your dog to sleep with you in your tent will not be hygienic enough. This is not his crate and he could end up scratching the paint on your roof or hood up. Even, by morning, your tent will have an awful smell – just like that of dog breath/wet dog.

How to get your Dog into a Roof Top tent

We really love the idea that our roof top tent gets us above the ground and setting it up is quick and easy. However, we still wish to take our dogs with us. So how can you bring your large dog into your roof top tent?

The most logical choice of all is to use a ramp. Before using a ramp there are some criteria that must be met. A dog ramp should have the following criteria:

  • A slope that is very low; this is to make things very easy for dogs to climb
  • It must be wide enough to make sure your dogs feel very comfortable while using it.
  • Should fit properly into the rack under your roof top tent

To ensure that these criteria are met, the dog ramp design you have chosen must have the following specifications:

  • It must be 12 inches long whenever it’s in place for use by your dogs
  • It should have a width of 17 inches
  • It must be 6 inches in length for travel
  • It should have three rails of 1×2’s to ensure that the ramp is made rigid.
  • There should be outdoor carpeting on the surface for walking
  • To ensure better footing, there should be steps about each 9 inches (without doing this, your outdoor carpet could become slick).
  • A brace placed at the center to ensure that the weight of dogs gets better support.

Even when using a functional ramp, it was never a guarantee that your dog will make use of it. However, we discovered that they use it. They even enjoy and have fun while running up and down the ramp. For the first time, you may need to make use of lots of treats and be patient enough to help them achieve this feat.  

Watch the above video to learn more.

In the above video, you will see:

  • A time-lapse view of the construction of the ramp
  • The Viva, pup, during the construction
  • How it fits properly together before use
  • The way it fits together for your travel purposes
  • Also, you will get to see the way some dogs used this ramp – this is the first time for some of them

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Why is a roof top tent important? Roof top tents are important because they keep you above the ground, protect you from bugs, and they help you camp in locations that are unconventional. If these great features sound appealing to you, then having a roof top tent will be a great investment.

Are roof top tents waterproof? These tents come with double stitching and are made with polycotton. Also, it comes with large windows to ensure increased ventilation. The tent and fly are 100% waterproof.


Going along with your dog for camping is a great thing. You value your pet and they love you as well and so living them all alone at home while you go on your trip won’t be so nice. When brought into your home, they love to be included as members of your family and separating them while taking your trips could cause separation anxiety.

Roof top tent camping with dog could be difficult as they may find it hard climbing up, most especially if your dog is a big one. However, we recommend that you make use of a ramp and if this will not work out just let him or her sleep in your vehicle. At least he knows you are close by!

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