Finding the Perfect Camping Spots

A good campsite contributes to your camping experience. You will need to make so many decisions before you go camping, one of which is choosing a good spot for your camping. Finding the perfect roof top tent camping spots isn’t an easy thing since you will have to consider other factors like safety and weather conditions. If you are not careful enough about where to choose, your trip or adventure might turn into a nightmare.

How do you find the perfect roof top tent camping spots? To find the perfect roof top tent camping spots, there are things you should do, which include:

  • Choose your landscape wisely
  • Check the surface
  • Choose a peaceful environment
  • Beware of trees
  • Consider your safety
  • Plan for rain
  • Consider the sun
  • Consider the rest areas
  • Find windbreakers or shelter
  • Avoid compacted ground
roof top tent camping spots
Camping in the wild: woman sitting in her tent during sunset

Choosing the perfect roof top tent camping spots is very important. Some areas are not good for camping, so it is ideal to find a perfect spot for your camping. Successful camping gives you a joyful experience and makes you want to go camping always. Choosing the right roof top tent camping spots also comes with lots of benefits.

How to Find the Perfect Roof top Tent Camping Spots

Camping is fun when you find a nice spot for it. A bad camping spot can cause problems for you. It is important you know some helpful tips in choosing the right roof top tent camping spots before you go camping, especially if this is your first time. Sometimes, the weather is unfavorable and we can’t predict it.

When choosing a camping spot, it is important that you know what to avoid and what to look for. If your tent is a roof top one, you will also need to find an ideal roof top tent camping spot. Remember, you need to find camping spots yourself since you can’t make them.  Therefore, wherever you camp is up to you. Below are ways to find a good campsite.

Choose your landscape wisely

Choosing a flat ground is very important for getting good sleep. You don’t want a ground that is sloppy and close to trails. If you a finding a roof top tent camping spot, you need to choose a landscape where your car can balance. Where you park your car determines how balanced and stable your roof top tent will be.

Check the surface

Yes, it is very important to check the ground for things like stones, roots, rubble, rocks, and branches. All of these can tear your ground tent and can make you have an uncomfortable sleep. If it is a roof top tent, you will need to park your car where there are no flowers or plants that can be destroyed.

Choose a peaceful environment

A peaceful environment allows you to relax and have a good night’s rest. You will need a campsite where you can enjoy the serenity of the environment and have joyful feeling anytime you wake up. If you are finding a roof tent camping spot, you should choose a spot that is away from other campers. Avoid areas that are dominated by insects like mosquitoes, ticks, bugs, ants, etc. You should also choose a camping spot where you can have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

Beware of trees

Some people love a waterfall area or a place surrounded by trees. You need to be careful about trees too, you don’t want to be woken by falling fruit. Although trees can protect you from wind and sun, you need to be aware that a tall tree can attract a lightning strike. If you are camping in the wintertime, you need to avoid staying under trees having snow on their branches.

Consider your safety

Your safety is very important. It is the most important factor you need to consider when camping. If it is a rocky place, you need to beware of rocks that are snake-infested. Avoid camping at a cliff’s bottom with falling or lose rocks. If you are camping close to a riverside, ensure that you camp at about 250 feet away from the river. Waking up in a riverbed in the middle of the night isn’t a good experience for you.

roof top tent camping spots

It is also important that you avoid camping in areas that have a lot of oak or poison ivy. You have to be aware of your environment so that you won’t set up your camp where you can get hurt.  Avoid places that can be flooded during heavy rainfall. Make sure you stay safe throughout your camping period.

Plan for rain

Sometimes, you can’t be too sure about the weather even if there is a weather forecast. You should always plan for rainy days and as such, you need to prepare as though it will rain. Preparing for rain means bringing the necessary items you will need to protect yourself. These things include a waterproof jacket, waterproof flashlight, waterproof backpack, waterproof pants, waterproof footwear, food that can be eaten without cooking, etc.

It is good to prepare for rainy days even if you are not sure it would rain. You might need to go out when it is raining. All these items will help you stay outdoor when you need to. When it begins to rain, you don’t have to stay in your tent all through; the above-named items can keep you safe in the rain. Even if you are finding a roof top tent camping spot, you need to plan for rainy days too. Thankfully, roof top tents are waterproof and they designed to withstand any weather condition.

Consider the sun

You also need to consider the sun. Sometimes, you might need the morning sun to warm up. Ensure that the spot you choose for camping faces south. You also need to avoid camping in sunny areas as you don’t want your camp to turn into a sauna. You want a camp where you can feel warm all the time.  

Consider the rest areas

For people who need a roof top tent camping spot, you need to consider the rules for overnight parking. The rules for overnight parking differ in various states. Some states frown at overnight parking while some don’t. Therefore, it is necessary you consider the rules of every state concerning parking areas before you choose a roof top tent camping spot.

Find windbreaks or shelter

Life would be easier if you can get a natural windbreak for your tent. Rock outcroppings, trees, hedges, and fences will protect you from the wind. However, you need to be certain you are not camping under a rockslide. The

Avoid compacted ground

This is one of the measures you need to take while camping. Avoid spots that have been used for camping several times. If a campsite has been used several times, the ground gets compacted with time. This can cause havoc when it rains heavily. Your campsite can become swamped when the ground is filled up with water. Don’t set up your tent in an overused area.

Why it is Important to Choose the Perfect Camping Spots

 roof top tent camping spots

Choosing a perfect camping spot is vital to staying safe during camping. A good campsite gives you a good camping experience. Camping is fun and enables you to connect with nature and loved ones. Do you know that a good campsite has lots of benefits? A good camping spot has both health and social benefits. A good campsite helps you achieve the following:

Helps you sleep better

This is one of the health benefits of a good campsite. If you always have sleepless nights, a peaceful environment for camping can help you have a sound sleep. Sleep is very important in our daily lives and receiving adequate sleep can improve our health and general well being. According to research, camping can help people who suffer from sleepless nights to get adequate sleep every day.

Leads to an increase in the intake of vitamin D

A good camping spot allows you to spend time in the sun. If your camping spot is exposed to sun, you can be exposed to one of the sources of vitamin D. An increase in Vitamin D intake can help to improve mental health. However, you should beware of exposing yourself to direct sunlight since too much can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Creates more fun

Yes, this is what a perfect camping spot does. Choosing a perfect camping spot makes camping fun. A peaceful environment allows you to enjoy yourself more. Whether it is a ground tent or a roof top tent, campers feel the sun, wind, rain, and snow. You can spend more time with nature and listen to the sounds of birds, and trees.

Keeps you safe

Finding a good camping spot is very important for your safety. Your safety should be a top priority when choosing a camping spot. Avoid camping in an area filled with wild animals, this is very dangerous. A good camping spot ensures you are safe from wild animals, insects, falling rocks, etc. Even when you are asleep, you are assured of a safe environment. With a good camping spot, you don’t need to sleep with one eye open.

Makes you happier

Camping can only be successful when you choose a good camping spot. Camping improves our mood and makes us livelier. A good camp spot gives you a refreshing feeling and makes your camping experience remarkable and worthwhile.

Gives you comfort

Choosing a perfect camping spot makes you feel comfortable when camping. When you choose a good landscape for camping, you can be assured of a comfortable and nice trip. The best camping experience is one that is hassle-free. Choosing a camping spot that gives you less worry and makes you sleep comfortably makes life easier for you.

Things to Put in Place when going Camping

You will definitely need to put some things in place when going camping. After you have found a perfect spot for your camping, you will need to carry some necessary things with you.

You have to pack the essentials you need for your trip. It is not a bad idea to take extra things along, but you also need to avoid carrying unnecessary items with you. You will need to know what the weather of your camping spot is like to determine what to bring along.

For example, if you are camping with just two people, you don’t have to get a family-sized tent. Avoid carrying too many items with you as you might not even use some of these items.  One of the things that frustrate people when going camping is packing.

Remember you are going on an adventure and if you forget to pack some essential things, there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, ensure you don’t leave any important thing behind. You will need to pack the following items:

Food essentials

There are greater chances that you will cook during camping, and as such, you will need cookware, utensils, lightweight water bottle, small cutting board, kitchen towels, camping stoves, etc. You will need to set up your portable kitchen where you can prepare your meals. Therefore, ensure you take all the necessary cooking tools with you. Camping without food is impossible, so ensure you take a good amount of foodstuff that will last you during your camping.


When going camping, you should choose clothes that are lightweight, this will help you to pack more clothes with you. You will need wool socks, a lightweight hat, swimsuit, waterproof footwear, waterproof jacket, sunglasses, etc.  The type of clothes you pack depends on the weather, if it is going to be sunny all through, you will need to pack light clothes. However, you need to plan for rainy days too.

Navigation tools

These tools shouldn’t be left behind while going camping. Navigation tools will guide you and throughout the trip. If you will be traveling to different places, you will need a compass and map, a guidebook, portable GPS, flashlight, travel lantern, pen or pencil.

Personal items

You will also need to bring your personal items along. What you pack depends on what you will need during the trip. You can pack first aid kit, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, painkillers, lip balm, sunscreen, bug spray, and toiletry kit.


You don’t want a boring trip. One of the best experiences of camping is spending quality time with family and friends. Therefore, you will something that will create more fun while camping. You can go with fishing gear, playing cards, a camera, binoculars, paddles, life jackets, a sound system, and travel-sized board games. If you will be hiking most of the time, you can pack hiking essentials. If you will be camping in a spot, you might not need the bikes.

Camp necessities

These are what you need to sleep comfortably. You will need to pack travel pillows, a light air mattress, sleeping bags, foldable chairs and tables, and a pocket knife. All these things are essential to have a nice camping experience.

When you are done with camping, remember to leave no dirt behind. Leaving the camping spot cleaner than you arrived is great. If you have made any campfire, be sure you clean up the mess before you leave.

Related Questions

How do I prepare for rainy days when camping?  When going camping, it is vital you prepare for rainy days. Sometimes, the weather can change and become unpredictable. Ensure you go with items that will help you when it is raining. Items like a waterproof jacket, waterproof flashlight, waterproof bag for storing food, waterproof footwear, and waterproof pants should be brought along.  You need to be certain that your tent is waterproof. If you are going camping during rainy days, don’t ever go camping with a $30 tent. Your camping will turn into a nightmare when it starts to rain. It is better to purchase a high-quality tent that can withstand any type of weather.

Do I need to pack too much when going camping? You will need to pack some essential things when going camping. However, this depends on the number of days you plan to camp. It is important that you consider the essentials first to avoid packing unnecessary items. You have to pack food, clothes, personal items, navigation tools, and camp necessities. Packing the essentials will help you enjoy your camping. If you will be camping for a longer period, do not take chances, pack more things.


Camping is a joyous activity that helps to create more fun and bond with our family and friends. Successful camping is determined by the choice of your camping spot. Finding the perfect roof top tent camping spots ensures your safety and comfort. It helps you to get a good night’s rest and makes you happier. However, choosing the perfect camping spot can be quite frustrating; you will need to consider what suits you best and as well the purpose of your trip.

We have discussed how you can find a perfect camping spot for yourself. All the measures mentioned above are also important when choosing a roof top tent camping spot. Ensure you choose your camping spot wisely. Proper planning is also important in enjoying a good trip.

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