Best Places for Roof Top Tent Camping in Oregon

From rare animals, birds, and tree species, to sandy beaches, cool climate and high-class accommodation for campers, Oregon, also know as The Beaver State, is the ultimate destination for travelers and campers. A walk through the park will lead you through 50 mountain ranges, a whopping 361 state parks, and 11 national forests. If you are a camping enthusiast, you definitely wish to know more about the best places for Roof Top Tent camping within the Oregon State. If yes, Halleluya! This article is just for you!

roof top tent camping in Oregon

After carrying out comprehensive research on the various tourist attraction sites within the Beaver State, Oregon, we’ve identified ten exquisite places that you should consider in your camping bucket list. The leading top 10 best places for your Roof Top tent Camping in Oregon Coast include:

  1. Silver Falls State Park
  2. Lost Lake Campground and Resort
  3. Crater Lake National Park
  4. Eagle Creek Campground
  5. Toketee Lake
  6. Milo McIver State Park
  7. Prineville Reservoir National Park
  8. Sparks Lake
  9. Summit Lake
  10. Cold Water Cove Campground

What You Must Know Before Visiting Oregon Coast

There a lot for everyone to discover, experience, and enjoy in Oregon. These range from beaches, wildlife, and hiking among others.

However, Oregon camping is unique. Before you pack up all your camping gears including your best Roof Top Tent for beach camping in Oregon coast, it’s important you take note of the following:

Oregon Beach Water Is Cold!

Unlike beaches in most US States where you can lounge or enjoy sunbathing as you relax in the beach sand, Oregon beaches are different. There are no lounging facilities, and you’ll find its coastal water pretty cold. Further, campgrounds are located very close to the beach allowing you to simply walk to get to the beach.

Anticipate Wet Conditions | Oregon Roof Top Tent Camping Weather Is Unpredictable!

As you head to the Oregon Coast, it’s good to remember that the chances of you getting wet are high.

Therefore, ensure that you equip yourself with suitable waterproof shoes, several socks, and appropriate clothing in general. It’s better you plan on your requirements in advance as you’ll not find many camp stores along the beach.

Rustic Campgrounds-Roof Top Camping, Oregon

The coastal camping grounds which are managed by the U.S. Forest Service are rather rustic with simple restrooms. There will always be an appointed person at the campground who oversees operations. Privately owned campgrounds are available with more superior facilities. Oregon boasts of State Parks that are well maintained.

When planning for a Roof Top Camping in Oregon, plan for everything but be prepared to change your plans as dictated by the weather. This way, you’ll surely enjoy Oregon’s uniqueness to its fullest.

General Camping Rules In Oregon State

As with most US States, Oregon has its own camping regulations that campers including enthusiasts of Roof Top Tent Camping ought to adhere to. Some of the main rules include:

  • Not camping at a location that is within 25 from a river or stream
  • You should not clear your own camping site as this amounts to adversely interfering with the natural environment
  • Ensuring that you leave the campsite clean by ensuring that you carry all your wastes with you especially in locations with no garbage bins or receptacles
  • Adhering to any other regulations set by the authorities responsible for your campsite.

10 Best Roof Top Tent Camping Locations in Oregon

1. Silver Falls State Park

silver fall state park | roof top tent camping, oregon

Silver Falls lies in 9,000 acres, which hosts breathtaking activities and features. First, the park is home to the famous Ten Falls, a massive waterfall which snakes through the thick forest, down to a creek. From the rooftop tent, you can see the misty cloud of minute water droplets as the water hits the rock below the creek.

If you like outdoor activities during camping, Silver Falls should be your first choice. You can take part in horse riding or hiking. There is also an opening for aggressive mountain bikers who like a new adventure.

Interestingly, you can tag pets along during the camping session since there are no restrictions. You can choose to stay in group tents, RV camps, or motels around. The park also offers hot showers at incredibly low prices. 

Key features

  • High-quality rooftop tents to accommodate you
  • A vast land with unique features
  • Myriad of activities to participate

2. Lost Lake Campground | Roof Top Tent Camping Site, Oregon

lost lake | roof top tent camping, oregon

One of the outstanding features in Lost Lake is the outstanding features and outdoor activities to keep you busy throughout the camping period. First, Lost Lake Campground is sandwiched between Mount Hood, famous for its magical glacier, and Lost Lake, which the camp is named after.

There are several outdoor activities you can participate in such as hiking trips, mountain biking, kayaking, sport fishing, and bird watching among others.

You should not worry about accommodation since the campground provides occupants with some of the best rooftop tents. The tents are made using high-quality and durable material to give you optimal comfort. You can spend time alone or hire a tent for a group. Alternatively, you can rent lodge rooms or cabins during the stay.

Key features

  • Vast accommodation options
  • Several activities and features to keep you busy throughout the stay

3. Crater Lake National Park | Oregon Roo Top Tent Camping

crater lake national park | Oregon roof top tent camping site

The outstanding feature with Crater Lake Park is the magnificent sceneries ns activities which you can participate in while camping. The park boasts of two campgrounds; Lost Creek Campground, and Mazama Campground.

If you choose Lost Creek, you have to brace against the high demand for accommodation. You can also bring a rooftop tent to the campground. On the other hand, Mazama allows you to bring in rooftop tents, and also takes reservations, making it highly convenient for campers who like flexible arrangements.

The national park also boasts of rare game animals and plant species. You can take a ride through the park and watch as the beauty of nature unfolds before your eyes. You can sit on the banks of Crater Lake in the evening and watch as the sun sets on the horizon.

Key features

  • Rare wildlife and sites to watch in the park
  • Two campgrounds with adequate accommodation and flexible to allow you to bring your tents.
  • Surrounded by Lake Crater, Pinnacles Overlook Hike, and Whitehorse Falls

4. Eagle Creek Campground | Roof Top Camping Site

eagle creek trail | roof top camping location, oregon
woman hiking the Eagle Creek Trail in Oregon

The Eagle Creek is located amidst the vast Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and is famous for numerous features and activities. The campground houses famous features such as Mt. Hood National Forest, the Eagle Creek Trail, and Mark O.Hatfield Wilderness.

At the campground, you can take part in swimming, riding kayaks or sport fishing in Columbia River, and Bonneville dam.  Alternatively, you can take part in the unmatched adventure through hikes or exploring the dense forests on a mountain bike. Other outdoor activities include bird watching, or watching the Multnomah falls.

Key features

  • Availability of space to erect rooftop tents and ready accommodation
  • Vast outdoor activities to make camping more fun
  • Many breathtaking sceneries to help you unwind

5.Toketee Lake

toketee fall | toketee lake | roof top camping location

Toketee is not your ordinary lake: it is a cocktail of fun, nature, and avenue for studying nature. First, the campground is located in the North Umpqua Trail, Toketee Lake, and Toketee Falls. The trio makes the perfect scenery for any camper who loves to see nature in her nakedness. The lake hosts the famous brown trout, which is renowned for being tasty. The abundance of this fish species makes sport fishing common among campers.

The lake also hosts rare wildlife, which would make your stay even more fun. You will see the famous kingfisher as it dives into the water to catch its prey. You will also see beavers, eagles, and other wild animals, which are only available in Oregon. Aggressive campers also enjoy riding on horseback, hiking, and riding bikes through the vast land.

When planning for a camping session at the Toketee Lake, accommodation should be one of the least areas of concern. You can carry a rooftop tent since it is sturdy and highly portable, or rent one from the campsite. Alternatively, you can spend the entire camping period in the exquisite hotels around.

Key features

  • A large collection of wildlife to connect you with nature
  • Vast outdoor activities to unwind and make your stay more fun
  • Affordable accommodation and lenient measures to make your stay convenient

6. Milo McIver State Park

The park is famed for its cool climate, a vast collection of beautiful sceneries, and a large space for erecting tents, which is crucial for any camper. The park is preferred over other camping sites due to its large collection of outdoor activities.

Young and aggressive campers can take part in hiking, horse riding, and swimming. On the other hand, campers who do not like aggressive activities can take part in sport fishing, taking part in making crafts, or playing disc golf in the vast lawns.

At night, you can light bonfires and enjoy the breeze as the embers dye off as the night passes by.

As for accommodation, you can bring a rooftop tent to the site. You can erect a tent in a secluded area, or join other campers in the group camping area. Alternatively, you can rent an apartment and stay during the entire camping period.

Milo is one of the few campsites in Oregon with a vast supply of clean water, electricity, and sanitation and should, therefore, be in your Roof Top Tent camping plans.

Key features

  • Many outdoor activities for all ages
  • A large collection of beautiful sceneries and features
  • Available space for accommodation

7. Prineville State Park

Prineville Park is situated in an area with water scarcity. However, this particular park has an adequate supply of water, making it unique, hence attracting many campers. The park gets its water from Crooked River, whose source is the Ochoco Mountain Range.

Spending time at this park rekindles memories for every camper. First, you get easy access to water sources amidst the desert and use it for activities that campers on seashores enjoy. For instance, you can participate in sport fishing, swimming, and kayaking. The steep terrain also makes hiking a viable option for aggressive campers.

The serene environment makes Prineville receive many campers throughout the year. Therefore, spending time in this park allows you to interact with other campers. It is advisable to make a booking earlier to get high-quality services in the park. 

Key features

  • Calm environment with state-of-the-art rooftop tents
  • Steep terrain and beautiful sceneries
  • Several outdoor activities for unwinding

8. Sparks Lake | Roof Top Tent Camping Site, Oregon

Beautiful lake, mountains, and sky with clouds over Sparks Lake near Bend, Oregon. Sunset with clouds in blue and orange sky. Water reflecting clouds and light.

The Sparks Lake lies inside the Deschutes National Forest, which gives it a serene environment and a great place for camping. It is located near Broken Top Peaks and North Sisters which are famous for their steep terrain.

Camping at the Sparks allows you to practice several unwinding activities. First, you can take part in kayaking, sport fishing, and swimming. If you are aggressive enough, you can hike in the steep slopes or visit the neighboring Broken Top Peaks or North Sisters. Alternatively, you can watch as the trout fill the shores of the lake after sunset. It is a sight to behold.

Sparks Lake is one of the rare places you would wish to spend the entire life, away from disturbance. You can rent a high-quality rooftop tent and erect them on the shared group tents or stay in a secluded place. Alternatively, you can opt to stay in one of the fully furnished places. Whichever way you choose, Sparks Lake should be among your top priorities when visiting Oregon.

Key features

  • A large collection of outdoor activities to unwind
  • High-quality accommodation options at affordable prices
  • Incredible sceneries to make every day at the camp worth

9. Summit Lake

mountain view | roof top tent camping in oregon

Located at the Cascade Mountains, Summit Lake is the ultimate destination for campers who yearn to take time away from the confines of the society. The lake is revered for its sandy beaches, clear sapphire beaches, and incredible sceneries such as the Diamond Peak.

Summit Lake is the ultimate destination for daredevil hikers. Braving the biting cold and steep terrain to access this gem is enough experience for any hiker. You can also ride a boat or a canoe through the clear water. These moments do not come easily, and therefore you should seize the opportunity by booking a spot for camping.

You can carry a rooftop tent and pitch a camp on the shores of Summit Lake, or use the readily available ones. Due to the steep terrain, it is advisable to use the ones offered at the campground. You can also choose to stay in the fully furnished apartments with hot shower and other necessities while camping.

Key features

  • A calm environment to enable you to focus
  • Easily available accommodation for campers
  • Several outdoor activities to help you unwind

10. Cold Water Cove Campground | Roof Top Camping Location-Oregon

Hills Creek Reservoir is hidden in the mountains of the Willamette National Forest, in Oregon.

You might have visited several campsites in Oregon, but if you have never visited Cold Water Cove, you are missing out on the real fun of camping. This campsite is located inside the Willamette National Forest. The campsite is located in an area where lava poured during an ancient volcanic activity.

A visit to the camp gives you access to a myriad of features that you can use for your outdoor activities. First, Cold Water Cove is surrounded by Three Sisters Mountain and Mt. Washington, which act as a fortress against the scorching sun. You can participate in a nature walk or engage in sport fishing, swimming or boat riding.

If you have never visited Cold Water Cove, it is time to see how much you have been missing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Top Tent Camping Location, Oregon

Choosing the right place to camp requires keen attention to details. Some of the factors to consider include:

#1 The Camping Cost

If you are operating on a stringent budget, it is advisable to camp in a place that allows the carrying of personal rooftop tents. Hiring tents might seem to be convenient but ends up being costly in the long run.

#2  Available Features or Activities

Some campgrounds contain more features than others, hence the varying camping experiences. Before choosing a particular campsite, it is advisable to compare what each place offers to campers. When looking for the features, you should also look at the features attached to each service.

#3  Accessibility

The accessibility of a campsite influences the overall experience of the camper. Always settle for a camp with a good road network and supply of other essential commodities such as water and power.

Pitching a tent in a steep place is not only dangerous but also inconvenient to the camper, and therefore should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

Oregon is an exceptionally great state for campers. The huge number of natural attractions make it a dream destination for many. From the list of camping sites discussed above, you have to choose the one which addresses most of your issues. Understand if the campground meets most of the factors discussed above.

It’s important to note that Oregon, like the other US States, has regulations that govern camping activities. It’s important that you are well acquainted with laid down camping rules to ensure that you only set up your rooftop tent within the designated camping locations.

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