Beginner’s Guide for Roof Top Tent Camping

There is always a first time experience for every camper out there. Even the most experienced camper had a first time experience. Camping is fun and adventurous, it helps to create a bond between family and friends and also does more than that. If you are camping on a roof top tent for the first time, a camping guide is necessary for you.

What is a camping guide for roof top tents? A camping guide for roof top tents reveals everything you need to know about roof top tent camping. It explains some guidelines and what you need to take along while camping. It also explains the do’s and don’ts of camping. If you are camping for the first time, it is very important you go through a camping guide.

Roof top tent camping is very interesting and offers you more benefits. You might be lucky to have an expert to help you with some camping tips. However, if you don’t have any, you can do this on your own. Our camping guide will help you know how to plan and prepare for camping.

What Exactly is Camping?

Camping has been existing for long. It is as old as man, although it has been redefined in today’s world. Before you go camping, it is important you know what camping is. Camping is an outdoor and recreational activity that involves people going into the wild for fun and adventure.

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In those days, camping was done without tents, people camped where they found safe to sleep, but these days, a roof top tent, ground tent, and a caravan is used for camping. Other activities like kayaking, fishing, hiking, and whitewater rafting are often combined with camping. Camping can be done with friends and family or by just a person.

Most times, people camp with their family and friends to create a bond with them. Camping is a nice idea for people attending musical festivals or sports gatherings. However, camping is meant for everyone.

Why is Camping Necessary?

Camping is one of the best ways to relax and spend time with friends and family. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and serene environment, you should consider camping. According to research, camping can improve your physical and mental health. Camping is not only meant for socialization, but it also helps your health.

why is camping necessary

It is educational

Camping is very educational as it helps you to sharpen your survival skills. You learn survival skills such as fishing, building a campfire, etc. Living outside your comfort zone helps to sharpen and widen your knowledge. You will be able to solve life problems in analytically. You will always have new things to learn when camping.

It helps people socialize

When camping, you get to meet new people. Meeting new people helps to develop your personality. Research has found out that meeting new people will help you become more confident. If you are camping with a group of people, you will be able to relate to people.

It helps you create healthy relationships with family and friends

If you want to disconnect yourself from distractions and focus on your family and friends, the best way to do that is by going camping with them. Camping helps you to build strong relationships and bond with our family and friends. Family is everything and it is important we strengthen our bond with them.

It helps you connect with nature

Most times camping always takes place in the wild. You have the opportunity to connect with nature. The beauty of nature can never be underestimated, camping allows you to appreciate nature. You will be able to connect with plants, trees, wildlife, and have an undiluted experience of nature.

It exposes you to more sunshine and vitamin D

This is one of the health benefits of camping. Camping exposes you to direct sunlight which is a real source of vitamin D. More intake of vitamin D enables you to absorb phosphorous and calcium which helps to build up your teeth and bone health. Vitamin D will also help the development of your nervous system, brain, and immune system.

Benefits of Roof Top Tent Camping

Before we start talking about camping essentials and the do’s and don’ts of camping, it is important you know the benefits of roof top tent camping. When camping on a roof top tent, you have to mount your tent on your vehicle roof. Roof top tents are different from other types of camping tents.

Camping with a roof top tent offers you a lot of benefits. Let’s discuss at the benefits of roof top tent.

It is convenient

This is one of the benefits of roof top tent camping. It offers you convenience which allows you to have a sound sleep during camping. The high-density mattress in the tent provides you much comfort.

It is safe

A roof top tent is very safe for camping. Since they are above the ground, they keep you safe from creepy animals and petty thieves. With this tent, your safety is guaranteed.

It is easy to set up

This tent is very easy to set up. It doesn’t take too much time to set it up. After setting it up, you need someone to help you lift it on your vehicle roof.

It is mobile

Mobility is one of the reasons roof top tents gained their popularity over the years. This tent can be moved about. If you will be changing your campsite during camping, you should consider going for a roof top tent. Just leave this tent on your car roof and drive off.

It is durable

Roof top tents are made with durable materials that can withstand any type of weather. These tents can last a lifetime if properly used.

Tips for Choosing a Roof Top Tent

Roof top tent camping is fun, but it is important you choose the right tent for your camping. A bad tent can turn your camping experience into a nightmare. Below are features to consider when choosing a roof top tent.


Roof top tents are made with different materials, although these materials can withstand any type of weather. If you plan camping in cold weather, go for thicker material. Avoid going for tents made with polyester or nylon as they can weaken over time.


This is a very important factor you should always put in mind when buying a roof top tent. Ensure the weight of the tent you are opting for is ideal with your vehicle roof. Roof top tents are heavyweight, so it is important you choose one that isn’t too heavy for your vehicle roof.


Check the flooring of your tent. The flooring should be smooth and durable enough. Smooth flooring will help you roll over smoothly.


You should check out the size of a roof top tent before opting for one. If you will be camping with family and friends, go for a bigger tent that can accommodate your family well. You can go for a tent that can accommodate about six people.


Proper ventilation is important in a tent, this helps to reduce the amount of moisture in your tent. Your tent becomes moist when you sleep inside and this can make sleeping uncomfortable. Get a tent that has enough windows. A well-ventilated tent helps to reduce moisture.

Basics of Roof Top Tent Camping

When camping in a roof tent, there are some things you need to do. These things are not complicated; they only make camping a smooth process. It is very important you prepare well and utilize your resources properly to have a nice camping experience. Proper preparation will help you prevent poor camping.  If you are camping for the first time, ensure you practice this.

Find a good campsite

When camping, it is important you get a good campsite that is free of wild animals. Your safety is very important, and as such, should be your number one priority when camping. It is advisable you get the campsite first before going camping. For first-timers, you need to be sure if the area you will be camping permits vehicle or not.

As a novice, some regions are not ideal for you. Finding a good campsite requires making a thorough research about the weather of your intended campsite. Ensure you consider the weather before going camping so that your experience will not be a nightmare. Survey the area you intend to camp to ensure it suits your camping purpose.

Purchase your tent

Roof top tents exist in different sizes and shapes and as such, you should choose a tent that is suitable for your vehicle roof. It is advisable you choose a tent that can accommodate more people. This will provide more space to store your gear and sleep comfortably.

Purchase sleeping bag

When choosing your sleeping bag, you should consider the temperature rating. If the weather at your campsite is fair, you can go for a summer bag.

Have a trial run

This is an important thing you need to do when camping on a roof top tent. You need to set up your tent beforehand. A trial run will prevent you from having difficulty while setting up your roof top tent. This will also help you detect any faulty part on time.

Go with camping essentials

go with camping essentials

If you are going camping, you will need to take some camping essentials with you. Before going camping, make a list of what you need. Go with what is necessary to make storage easy for you. Don’t leave important thongs behind.  Be careful of the amount of weight you carry when going camping, so, it is advisable you leave the luxuries and go with the essentials.

Plan your meals ahead

Before you go camping, it is advisable you plan your meals. Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be well planned for each day. It is only when you are well-fed you can enjoy camping activities. Eating good food is very important while camping. Go with meals that are easy to cook, you can also go with meals that require no cooking.

Camping Essentials

In this camping guide, we will be discussing what you need to go with when going camping. Camping essentials are necessary items that are needed for camping. Without them, camping will be unsuccessful. Below are the camping essentials you should never leave behind when going camping.


Ensure you go with adequate lighting when going camping. You can go with a flashlight or headlamp. Proper lighting is a must for any camping. After all, you don’t want to carry out your cooking activities in the dark. Staying in the dark without light is dangerous, so it is important you go with good lighting.  

Camp stove

If you want to have a perfect camping experience, it is important you go with a camp stove. Most people make the mistake of depending on the open campfire to prepare their meals. This is absolutely wrong. It is very difficult to cook with campfires, they can be very frustrating. It is also not ideal to start a campfire in some areas. You can take more than one camp stove especially if you are more than two.

First-aid kit

You should never go camping without a first-aid kit. A first-aid kit is important for your safety. Anything can happen while camping, so it is advisable you prepare for the worst. Go with some medical supplies. You can easily get a first-aid kit at a medical store. You can also go with insect repellant with some sanitizer and sunscreen.

Kitchen utensils

Since you will need to feed yourself, you should go with kitchen utensils like cups, knives, pots, pans. You should also go with soap to help you wash these items. You will need pots and pans to cook meals. Consider the number of people you are camping with to choose the right size of pot. You will also need a cutting board, spatula, plates, bowls, kitchen towels, and coolers.

Water filter

A water filter is very important when going camping. Even if the water is very clean, ensure you filter it before drinking. Water filtration systems ensure you consume clean drinking water. You can take more than one to make the filtration process faster. Water filters are portable and they are available in various sizes.

Camping chairs

Don’t forget your camping chairs, after all, you won’t stay in the tent all through your camping. Camping chairs help you to sit comfortably and have an enjoyable camping experience.

Things you can do while Camping

You can engage in various activities while camping. Camping shouldn’t be boring; it should be enjoyable and fun-filled.  When you have several camping activities you can never be bored. Below are what you can engage in while camping.


You can play a card or board games. When going camping, it is nice to go with some cards. You can play cards with your family and spice up your camping experience. You can go with a chessboard if you know how to play one.


Soccer, baseball, and Frisbee are sporting activities you can engage in. You can also play hide and seek, this is also an interesting activity. Most campsites always offer various sports you can engage in.


You can explore nature by going for hiking or fishing. Look for the nearest body of water with fishes and try catching some fishes. You can also go swimming.

Related Questions

What do I need for a first time camping? When camping for the first time, you will need to go with some camping essentials. Some camping essentials like headlamps or flashlights, sleeping pads, sleeping beds, tent, camping pillow, backpack, camp table, lantern, camping stove, first-aid kit, insect repellent, water filter, and kitchen utensils. You will also need to go with some clothing and food.

What are the camping activities I can engage in? There are a lot of camping activities you can engage in. You can make shadow puppets, go swimming, go fishing, study the stars, and play card and board games. You can also play flashlight tag and go hiking. Camping is fun when you have a lot of activities to engage in.


A camping guide is very important if you want to achieve successful camping. Camping should be enjoyable and safe for everyone if it is well planed. Preparing and planning ahead of camping is very essential to having a good camping experience. If you are camping for the first time, a good camping guide is what you need.

Camping for first-timers can be remarkable and interesting if you know the right thing to do. Camping provides you the chance to disconnect from the outside world and appreciate the beauty of nature. We have provided you with the necessary information you need to know about roof top tent camping in this guide. We believe that camping will be fun for you if you read this camping guide.

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